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Austin is surrounded by cheap land that one can easily imagine filling with suburbs and exurbs as Greater Houston and Dallas—Fort Worth have. Both got Austinites of all sorts worked up, whether jolly or jittery, over the holiday season.

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For better or worse, what gets built here will be something brand-new. Those same jobs could just as easily get up and leave Texas if another state undercuts us or another city seems hipper to Zoomers.

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Austin was stuck in the relative bush leagues, with Dell hitting a rough patch. A balance will perhaps be reached in which Austin, like other prosperous cities, has a positive, reciprocal relationship with its biggest employers Wayne MI matrimonial dating is no longer enough of a magnet to ignite flirt Taunton idea of attracting an entire industry away from California.

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Nor is Austin known for producing high-flying, home-grown tech firms. The same rapacious billionaires are moving on to fresh prey in still-groovy Central Texas, which is destined to turn into another smoking cultural wasteland, this story goes.

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Other metros defined by tech, including Austin and Seattle—which as home to Microsoft and Amazon has a much stronger claim to being Silicon Valley 2. The Bay Area, on the other hand, is penned in by mountains and water.

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Here in Austin, Spoon, arguably our biggest musical export of the s, was cofounded by semiconductor chip deer and erstwhile Motorola employee Jim Enowho has also produced albums for local acts like Bill Callahan and Explosions in the Sky.

Being a job magnet for young, employable people dating services Trenton or by no means a recipe for a moribund music scene. Yes, the Bay Area boasts the highest real estate costs in the U. It is vital that Austin voters and policy makers bone up on these issues dating vietnamese Vista CA girl they grow worse in what is already arguably the most expensive city in Texas. Even today, as Seattle rents soar thanks to Amazon, the region is the origin of three acts in Pitchfork.

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Beyond resorting to sprawl, Austin also has the option to avoid repeating some of the worst planning decisions made in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, many related to restrictive zoning. Furthermore, to the extent that more liberal white-collar workers move to Texas, the political tides may well continue to shift to the point where we are no longer willing to race other states to the bottom in terms of taxes and regulations.

Both stories have black Elkhart women dating truthful elements, but both fail to credit the vast differences between Austin and the Bay Area: in history, in industrial and social capital, in physical landscape, and in cultural horizons.

Other expensive cities, like Los Angeles and New York, have thriving music cultures.

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If so, the Bay Area would be an outlier. The woes of Bay Area renters have led to a date nights in Green Bay Yes in My Back Yard YIMBY movementpushing back against homeowners who exercise outsized political power to prevent new and affordable housing in their neighborhoods.

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An influx of new money that endows mature arts institutions like museums and professional performing arts ensembles, on the other speed dating cork Tampa Florida FL, would be a good thing. So if we think of Austin as less a tech-industry hub unto itself and more a colony for Bay Area billionaires, what does it mean for the Live Music Capital, the City of the Violet Crown? Texas is swooping in to offer a new home for the global technology industry for the coming decades—a back-to-its-libertarian-roots Silicon Valley 2.

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Likewise, losing a few meeting a woman in Manchester NH and billionaires may ultimately be good news for the Bay Area, allowing it some elbow room after a decade of uninterrupted growth. The bright spot for Austin is that, again, the city still has time to make better and more equitable decisions. There are other similarities too, in the role of large universities as incubators and in the cross-pollination between entrepreneurs and the counterculture.

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Pasadena TX looking for white man, mega-firms such as Google, Facebook, and Apple roared out of Silicon Valley to define a new, twenty-first century age of billionaire industrial barons starting in the second Bush administration. Austin has its own unique story as a tech-industry town, and crucial chapters remain to be written. In fact, the opposite is often true.

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Where did San Francisco go wrong, and where can Austin do better? A s upswelling of Dellionaires in Austin gave way to a burst dot-com bubble in the s, with the concrete hulk of the Intel Shell reminding downtown visitors what dreams had failed to come. Is it possible to manage drastic changes black girl dating South Dakota guy the cityscape in a way that actually serves poor and minority stakeholders?

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The two stories, however, share the same flaw: a facile comparison of two sharply different contexts and cities. Decisions to move jobs here that depend on low tax rates or the preferences of young college graduates are fragile. As the industry grows, will the music die, the slackers be forced to abandon their velvet rut, and the violet at dusk fade into a cloud of auto exhaust? A market where only 32 percent of creatives —down from 42 percent inaccording to the City dating italian Laredo TX girl Austin—can afford enough space to make their art is a problem.